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05/09/2013 – Daily Breakdown

07:23AM: (1) Cheez-It (1.25 OZ)
08:24AM: (1) Cinnamon Scone and (2) Chocolate Chip Cookies
12:08PM: Subway Meatball (Footlong)
07:43PM: Dinner. Steak, Peas with Parmesan Cheese, (2) Slices of French Bread with Butter and Garlic Salt, Potatoes with Cheese, Fruit Cup with Whipped Cream and Cinnamon

04/29/2013 – Daily Breakdown

10:42AM: (2) Pieces of Oreo Ice Cream Roll
02:19PM: Texas Lil’s Mesquite Grill. Grilled Cheese with Bacon, French Fries
07:13PM: Dinner. Ziti, (2) Pillsbury Cinnabon Breadsticks with Icing

04/28/2013 – Daily Breakdown

10:05AM: A couple handfuls of Peanut M&Ms
10:53AM: (3) Pieces of Denny’s French Toast with Syrup
02:49PM: Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog with Shredded Cheese
08:25PM: Hacienda. Carne Asada Burrito (meat and cheese only)

04/26/2013 – Daily Breakdown

12:11AM: Cheese Quesadilla from Spice, Mexican & Mediterranean
07:10AM: (1) Chewy ā€“ Oatmeal Raisin
11:38AM: Pick Up Stix ā€“ House Special Chicken
06:07PM: Del Taco (2) Cheese Quesadillas
08:34PM: Get The Burger – Cheeseburger (meat, cheese, bun)

04/20/2013 – Daily Breakdown

10:44AM: Cereal. Cocoa Pebbles with 2% Milk
01:09PM: Super Mario Natural 3-DEES Fruit Snacks
02:53PM: A couple handfuls of Tortilla Chips
03:26PM: (2) Slices of Costco Cheese Pizza
10:44PM: (1) Cheez-It (1.25 OZ)

04/01/2013 – Daily Breakdown

12:10PM: Cereal. Trix and Cocoa Puffs with 2% Milk
03:29PM: 1/4 loaf of Albertsonā€™s Sourdough French Bread
04:21PM: (1) Slice of Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheddar Cheese
07:27PM: Dinner. Steak, Peas, Tater Tots, Strawberries with Whipped Cream and Cinnamon

03/24/2013 – Daily Breakdown

04:37AM: Pizzeria da Enzo – (2) Pieces of Cheese Pizza
01:02PM: Sbarro – (2) Pieces of Cheese Pizza
07:35PM: Dinner. Steak, Cheesy Potatoes, Green Beans, JELL-O Chocolate and Vanilla Pudding with Whipped Cream (sorry no pic)

03/21/2013 – Daily Breakdown

12:11AM: 1/4 box of Cheez-It Snack Mix
12:30AM: (1) Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
11:24AM: (1) Steak and Cheese burrito, (2) Soft Pretzel Sticks, (1) Large Chocolate Chip Cookie
The Buffet @ Wynn

  • 07:32PM: Pieces of Cheese Pizza and a few Cheese Ravioli
  • 07:51PM: Apple Crepe with Chocolate Sauce
  • 08:02PM: Buttered pasta with Parmesan, Soft Pretzel Stick, and Bread Roll
  • 08:14PM: Vanilla Cupcake with frosting and sprinkles

03/20/2013 – Daily Breakdown

08:00AM: (1) Chewy ā€“ Peanut Butter
12:03PM: (1) Three Cheese Pizzette from Urban Plates and (2) Chocolate Chip Cookies

03/17/2013 – Daily Breakdown

12:00PM: (1) 7-11 Fudge Brownie
02:45PM: (1) Slice of Little Caesar’s Cheese Pizza and (3) Pieces of Italian Cheese Bread